Deivadan centre at Vadakkencherry is a home for the helpless, the homeless, the sick and the suffering elderly women. At this centre, these elderly women find a home, a hope to live towards the evening of their life in the love and service of Deivadan Sisters. Thus they gracefully live their old age and prepare themselves to meet God.

Deivadan centre began its ministry to the elderly abandoned women with three members on 29.10.2000, at Vadakkencherry on a piece of land donated by a benefactor. The centre has completed 18 years of its existence and grown into a great institution supporting about 200 elderly women. The majority of its members are bed-ridden, needing constant support and care. Many of them are mentally challenged or disabled, abandoned by their relatives and families. Some of them were picked up from the streets and brought to the centre by the police. Some of them were brought to the centre from various hospitals and medical colleges, as there was no one to take them back to their respective homes. So far about 350 women from various parts of this country and of different religious faiths have died with dignity, after having received good care and medical support.

Deivadan Centre, Malayattoor P.O Ernakulam Dt. 683 587, Kerala

Malayattoor P.O Ernakulam Dt. 683 587, Kerala
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