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It is a Secular Institute founded at Rome by Servant of God Bishop William Giaquinta. The members strive for the perfection of charity through the profession of the evangelical counsels and devote themselves to the apostolate of spirituality and the spreading of the Universal call to Holiness. The call to Holiness is foretold in the Old Testament, repeatedly taught in the New Testament and reiterated by the Vatican Council II.

This institute was started during the period of Second World War. As the result of the war people became so cruel and revengeful. They were killing each other. After prolonged prayer and reflection our founder understood that the lack of faith and of love is the cause of all these violence, injustice and hatred. He found that the only remedy for this problem is Christ’s maximum love. This is not other than the new commandment which He gave us. “Love one another as I have loved you”. This is the formula of Holiness. God is love. He loved us in the maximum degree. Hence every human being has an obligation to respond to His love.“Be perfect as your Heavenly father is perfect”(Mt.5:48).Perfection of love is Holiness. And therefore the CHARISM of the Oblates is to promote the Universal call Holiness and encourage others to deepen their interior life ,that is, to adhere unconditionally to the demands of God’s love.

We carry out our charism through:

  • Spreading God’s infinite love for all people and their duty to respond to His love
  • Promotion of the doctrine of the “Universal Call to Holiness, understanding this vocation as a generous and total response to God’s love for us.
  • Offering practical means to others that will enable them to grow and mature in the life of the Spirit, thus pursuing their call to Holiness.
  • Faithful collaboration with the Hierarchy inorder that Holiness be the soul of every pastoral activity.

The oblates strive to make of their lives a continuous response of Maximum love to the infinite love with which Jesus, the Redemer, perfect image of the Father ,has loved us. This response of love must be made practical through a desire for and an effort toward Holiness expressed by a total and joyous adherence to the will of God Who calls everyone to perfection. The apostolate of the Apostolic Oblates aim to elicit from others a full response of love by helping them know His divine project of salvation–Holiness. They live their commitment to the church deeply and joyously, placying their specific charism of leading people to Holiness at her service.

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